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Our website is in Dutch. For details in English you can use the FAQ of

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You might want to run our website through an online translator (on the right on this page) to read about our terms and conditions. The translation will not be perfect but you will get the idea.

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If you would like to order from us, please mail us:

  • your name, address, country and phonenumber
  • how many boxes Threelac and /or OEM you would like to buy
  • if you would like to pay with Paypal (+5%) or with an international money transfer

Within 24 hours on working days you'll receive our invoice for the advance payment. In case you don't receive our answer, please check here (Google translation) what might have gone wrong.

We try to ship postbox orders the same day payment is received. Package (parcel) shipments are shipped once a week.

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International orders from The United States directly

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English information about Candida and Threelac

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